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90 Day Jookin Bootcamp: L.A.B.N 2G



What you'll get:

  • Exclusive DxP Entertainment Network Pricing
  • Our L.A.B.N 2G 90 DAY BOOTCAMP |
  • 90 VIDEOS

That's a new video to practice EVERY DAY for 3 months! Only Because we swore to get you right. This is our decree!

Normal Price: $360 \ ($210 Savings) = $150

THEN, -$100 off the sale price for a limited time!!! That's ONLY $50 you pay.

Learn how to dance using your upper body and lower body with Memphis Jookin in LAB'N 2G Season 2. This is a masterclass built for beginners but used and praised by veterans and legends of street dance. It includes a guide for you to learn through viewing each class to understand how to create limitless freestyle combinations.

Learn Memphis Jookin and more from a pioneer and his team of world-class instructors on the DxP Network.

Core Competencies:

[G-Rhythm Certification B | LABN 2G 90 DAY BOOTCAMP]

Completion of The 90 Day Boot Camp opens up 25% eligibility towards Jookin University Certification. Create Your Own L.A.B.N Lesson Plan and demonstrate 1 lesson for your University Portfolio. Share it with us. [Google Drive Required]

If you want to learn Memphis Jookin, DxP Jookin Tutorials is the #1 source in the world online.

What People Are Saying:

I just want to say there’s no better place to learn Memphis Jookin, literally anyone can do it so do not be discouraged about wanting to learn this dance style!! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials


The structure, the culture, the fundamentals, the advanced moves they teach it all in a way that most people don’t. In three months I went from not even being able to jook at all to being able to piece combos together with little to no effort. Highly recommended! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Obinnaya Williams

I honestly don’t even know where to start, for people who are reading who haven’t taken these classes. YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I’ve attended around 5 classes and it literally has not only skyrocketed me beyond what I ever thought it would. But it has changed my life, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER if you want to learn how to do this Memphis style and embody this culture. AGAIN, LOOK NO FURTHER THIS IS THE ONE! Idc how biased that sounds he’s giving us GEMS and it’s more than affordable for what you gain!!! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials


Thanks to all the lessons in dancing and in life, I’ve become a better person. Daniel and Phyouture have really took their time with me which was more than I can ask for because when I first started I felt as though I wasn’t as good as everyone else. With the help of my new friends I’ve been able to find that killer instinct that I needed. This is by far the best class that I’ve ever taken. https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Hersh Got Next

DxP is remarkable. I LOVE THESE CLASSES!!! They have helped me develop my confidence more than I ever could have imagined. No matter what your level is this class will have something for you. I honestly can't even put it into words... it is really worth checking out! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Lotus Jones

if you want to learn jookin, this is the place. look no further! I fell in love with jookin when I started dancing in 2018. As a krumper, with no jookers around me in my city, I thought I had no luck to ever become a jooker. Daniel began mentoring me in early 2019, and began dxpjookintutorials in 2020. With his help, I am a recognized jooker in my dance community and I am now helping others to learn the style as well. Thank you Daniel https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Shant Ahuja

There is no better place to learn not only the dance style but the entire culture of Memphis Jookin from two legendary members of the Memphis Jookin community. From the online tutorials that give you a full understanding of the fundamental elements of Memphis Jookin to Live L.A.B.N. sessions online where you can "Learn A Bounce Note", D×P has everything you to help you perfect YOUR style. The instructors take as much time as is needed to make sure every student has a firm understanding of the lessons being taught and are happy to answer any and as many questions that you have about Memphis Jookin, many times at their own expense. They do NOT hold back. It's clear that they are invested in the development of each and every one of their students. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or someone who has danced for years, D×P has something to offer for dancers at ANY level and I highly recommend it! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Beans Maghenes

DxP changed my life!! I've been in the live LABN classes since June and it is something I look forward to every week. DP and Phyouture have created so much more than just tutorials, we have truly become a community that supports, motivates and inspires each other inside and outside of class. They put so much into all the classes and truly care about the growth of their students and education of the culture. I strongly recommend the DxP classes to anyone who wants to learn Jookin, they will not disappoint!!! https://dxpjookintutorials.biz/#testimonials

Roberta Bierman